Introduction :

Director: Carey Williams
Studio: Amazon Studios
Producer(s): Isaac Klausner, Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey
Cast: RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins, Sebastian Chacon, Sabrina Carpenter, Maddie Nichols, Madison Thompson, Diego Abraham

Comedy, Drama

Kunle (Donald Elise Watkins) and his best friend, Sean (RJ Cyler), are both seniors in college about to embark on an epic night of Spring Break parties. Sean has the whole night planned out, including every party they will hit on their “legendary tour.” Kunle is down, yet mostly concerned with finishing up his mold experiment in his lab, as his acceptance to Princeton is hinging on the results. They return to their apartment to pre-game, yet find that their roommate, Carlos (Sebastian Chacon), left the door open. As they enter with trepidation, Sean and Kunle discover a drunk, semi-conscious White female they don’t know on the floor and an oblivious Carlos, who didn’t hear her come in over the videogame blaring in his ears. Kunle wants to call the cops but Sean vehemently opposes the idea concerned how it will look when the cops show up (two Black men, one Latino man and a passed out White woman). Together, Carlos, Sean and Kunle load the girl (who they nickname Goldilocks, but whose real name is Emma (Maddie Nichols) into Sean’s van, with the intention of taking her somewhere safe rather than calling the police. Meanwhile, Emma’s sister, Maddy (Sabrina Carpenter), has realized that Emma left the party they were at, and begins to search for her in a drunk panic using Emma’s phone’s location. What ensues is a chaotic, hilarious, and tension-filled chase all over town as our trio grapples with their differences while attempting to bring Emma to safety.

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This movie has 99 Comments
So Vidushi
So Vidushi . 2022-05-17 23:58:10
Watched the trailer for Sabrina but everyone else seems great too! I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS
KA. MY . 2022-05-17 13:48:04
I won tickets to see this The premieres tomorrow 😂😂
Feny Rodríguez
Feny Rodríguez . 2022-05-17 10:03:24
Definitivamente la voy a ver
daniel . 2022-05-17 09:53:14
iTzWolfKun . 2022-05-17 09:00:36
This seems funny. Nice to see 'brothas' succussing
Will Battles
Will Battles . 2022-05-17 04:45:06
came back for jid being in the trailer
Grind Hard
Grind Hard . 2022-05-17 04:39:03
I'm so glad white America will get to see that's it's just not cut and paste when it comes to something as simple like this with black men. Unfortunately in a comical way but it's serious.
Christian Brylle
Christian Brylle . 2022-05-16 22:46:53
freaking love this. PLUS, Sabrina's here! 😊❤
Damien Ruzco
Damien Ruzco . 2022-05-16 21:37:28
You kind of need to forget that DNA evidence exists for this plot to make sense
Griffin Deontrance
Griffin Deontrance . 2022-05-16 21:00:44
A realistic horror film 😂
Karuna . 2022-05-16 17:49:46
This looks horrible
F Bae
F Bae . 2022-05-16 17:02:54
looks really good
Sabalerinna56 . 2022-05-16 13:30:29
For anyone wondering the song is 151 Rum by JID
Swifty . 2022-05-16 12:07:43
What’s the song in the background
Ball-Steve Johnson
Ball-Steve Johnson . 2022-05-15 20:40:00
This whole premise is stupid! "Hey Buddy, Let's take the unconscious woman in a van with us!"
GON . 2022-05-15 20:18:06
Had me at 151 rum
Jaylaan Pough
Jaylaan Pough . 2022-05-15 18:07:26
imma have to watch this now 😂
AMS Fountain
AMS Fountain . 2022-05-14 10:15:47
These guys are racist
Janet Njau
Janet Njau . 2022-05-14 03:23:00
Sean looks like a young version of Tracy Morgan. I fully thought they were related 😂😂😂
Mason Guthrie
Mason Guthrie . 2022-05-13 20:27:44
What a dumb idea.
Jean Nguyen
Jean Nguyen . 2022-05-13 20:09:47
There really are idiots out there.
grizzly . 2022-05-13 09:43:53
I'm here for Seb Chacon 🥰
oof man
oof man . 2022-05-13 06:02:14
average byzantium player
Tharoha . 2022-05-13 05:30:05
Song name ?
nancy sparkle
nancy sparkle . 2022-05-12 22:36:29
Sabrina Carpenter (。♡‿♡。)
ricos c
ricos c . 2022-05-12 11:32:15
Is this a thriller or a funny movie or both ?
Henry Walters
Henry Walters . 2022-05-12 05:33:47
finally the most oppressed group of all has paradox GS gamers
Derrick Nelson
Derrick Nelson . 2022-05-10 08:41:55
Ma tricks
Wulf Bytez
Wulf Bytez . 2022-05-09 20:55:23
What song is that in the beginning?
Classy_C88 . 2022-05-09 20:49:55
This really looks good!
discovering myself
discovering myself . 2022-05-09 14:20:18
Here for Sabrina carpenter
MOBJuney . 2022-05-09 01:31:23
What song is that tho?
CR3ATIV3 C0MM0NS . 2022-05-08 21:56:32
Song name is 151 RUM by JID
Charlie Lamb
Charlie Lamb . 2022-05-08 12:43:10
Free Bird
Free Bird . 2022-05-08 03:38:18
0:45 yooooo ck3
Your Mom knows who I am.
Your Mom knows who I am. . 2022-05-08 00:58:42
The concept is genius.
Paul Hoon
Paul Hoon . 2022-05-07 23:14:54
"Really really unlikely?" That's a little too close to home.
860 rø
860 rø . 2022-05-07 19:37:27
CORRUPT G . 2022-05-07 18:47:07
We paradox players finally have representation! (CK3)
Matt Piotrowski
Matt Piotrowski . 2022-05-07 16:57:03
0:44 that Bulgaria tho
Alonch Boye
Alonch Boye . 2022-05-07 15:39:14
The fact that one of the guys was playing Crusader Kings 3 makes this trailer 300% better.
Robert Losha
Robert Losha . 2022-05-07 14:07:25
Calvin Seeley
Calvin Seeley . 2022-05-07 13:02:01
anyone know the song playing throughout the trailer?
GreekSwagLord-Dat History Lad
GreekSwagLord-Dat History Lad . 2022-05-07 09:30:41
Here only for the Ck3 gameplay
Korra the Australian Shepherd
Korra the Australian Shepherd . 2022-05-07 06:08:27
3 million views and 1k yeah, this is doomed for 'success'
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Bunny . 2022-05-06 22:29:21
They should have just called the police and left the dorm immediately instead of trying to take her somewhere, thanks how you get falsely accused. Sometimes people don’t use their brains🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Justin Winter
Justin Winter . 2022-05-06 21:29:56
Daniel C
Daniel C . 2022-05-06 20:41:28
This has a little of everything I like, I’m definitely gonna check this out
Van Cao
Van Cao . 2022-05-06 17:57:23
Easy DIY Squash And Melon Trellis
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez . 2022-05-06 16:56:07
Whats the name of this song? It’s banging and i just wanna shoot hoops to it
Ruby Torrison
Ruby Torrison . 2022-05-06 16:30:28
I can't wait to see why they couldn't just dump her in the woods.
BTCNSDAP . 2022-05-06 15:54:38
Whatcha doin, rabbi???
Kayla Lowery
Kayla Lowery . 2022-05-06 12:29:09
This alright
Yung_wise . 2022-05-06 07:51:20
If you’re ever with someone and they say, “don’t call the police cause we’re black” slap them.
Grace Ebenezer
Grace Ebenezer . 2022-05-06 06:50:25
For Sabrina and the cast
Ashli Chambers
Ashli Chambers . 2022-05-06 06:45:30
I know it’s supposed to be satirical but I can barely see the situation that way
Brakkeleer Thuis
Brakkeleer Thuis . 2022-05-06 03:09:32
Meh, I'll pass!
breadwinner315 . 2022-05-05 22:14:46
that beat hard asf who is that?
Bonnari . 2022-05-05 21:40:09
omg Sabrina Carpenter!!I'm so exciting for this
Jon Yahraus
Jon Yahraus . 2022-05-05 20:14:54
0:44 hey that’s CK3
John Smith
John Smith . 2022-05-05 19:26:23
0:44 this guy really be playing ck3
Chicken . 2022-05-05 18:14:02
This got me dead asf good looks though
PremiumWater . 2022-05-05 18:13:07
Alex Trochez Gomez
Alex Trochez Gomez . 2022-05-05 09:34:14
Tommy A’li
Tommy A’li . 2022-05-05 08:09:48
this looks tuff
Carolina Arce
Carolina Arce . 2022-05-05 08:01:17
omg this looks good and Sabrina looks amazing, can't wait to watch it
Freedom from Financial Slavery
Freedom from Financial Slavery . 2022-05-05 07:19:26
yeshachi . 2022-05-05 05:33:30
Can't wait
Mads Gismerica
Mads Gismerica . 2022-05-05 01:20:13
May 27th? Dude Thats when Top Gun comes out.I am going to The theatres that weekend bro. I guess I can jam this on monday at home Just because of Sabrina Carpenter. Though it looks kind of good anyway.
exouniversekm . 2022-05-04 23:06:46
Name song?
eli . 2022-05-04 21:37:20
Solus Vael
Solus Vael . 2022-05-04 17:45:50
1:24 I'm sorry to say this but that is the most honest reaction to that type of situation. 🤣
Jaypee Em
Jaypee Em . 2022-05-04 16:00:18
Same ole “I’m black so I’m a hyper smart college student who just gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time because of low iq racist white people who just want to see me fail because of the color of my skin. Plus cops want to kill me” trope. It’s all so tiresome and a complete inversion of reality.
Lukas Uhlenkamp
Lukas Uhlenkamp . 2022-05-04 15:40:06
the guy playing ck3 is the only reason I care about this movie
icic5 . 2022-05-04 13:58:51
Walker1444 . 2022-05-04 12:27:26
who tf genuinely says “that boy is black excellence”? Most of the trailer looks good but there was a lot of dumb stuff too
Norman Foote II
Norman Foote II . 2022-05-04 12:16:47
okay this looks good. let's see if my boy still lightning with the blam blams
david mckesey
david mckesey . 2022-05-04 07:19:51
the song is so distracting
Blerdy Nerdy
Blerdy Nerdy . 2022-05-04 06:26:18
What song is this?
Owen Farmer
Owen Farmer . 2022-05-04 00:04:57
ayy CK2 represent
Disney zombies 1 & 2 fan
Disney zombies 1 & 2 fan . 2022-05-03 23:43:22
Sabrina!! Omg IM SO EXCITED
Adolf Ilyich Marx
Adolf Ilyich Marx . 2022-05-03 23:36:16
I wonder if the actor for Carlos actually spent the time and effort to take back Anatolia as the byzantine empire in eu4 for this trailer or if they just downloaded a save.
thundarr isaboss
thundarr isaboss . 2022-05-03 23:22:31
dang. almost a million views, with 605 likes.
Paul McQueen
Paul McQueen . 2022-05-03 23:03:40
Looks interesting and it will be a good highlight to show the dilemma many black people must face because of discrimination and trigger happy cops.
reni 🦋
reni 🦋 . 2022-05-03 21:34:46
i’m glad i decided not to skip the ad. this looks interesting
Must Be Jah
Must Be Jah . 2022-05-03 17:50:34
Jason Regan
Jason Regan . 2022-05-03 17:26:09
this reminds me of tucker and dale vs evil I like it
Lucxius . 2022-05-03 16:17:16
My guy everywhere now a days, 151 Amazing song
Drachona The Wolf
Drachona The Wolf . 2022-05-03 14:59:32
The audio mixing at the beginning is so bad it actually made me laugh when I saw this as an ad.It's like a live-action version of "distracting trumpet".
Will Hughs
Will Hughs . 2022-05-03 14:32:19
Go crazy prime
M Fawls
M Fawls . 2022-05-03 14:06:03
He's playin CK3 on his computer
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan . 2022-05-03 13:06:23
Can't wait to see it
Jonathan Armstead
Jonathan Armstead . 2022-05-03 12:02:37
Whose idea was it to release this trailer today--when women across America are discussing how they could lose the right to control their bodies? And you wanna make a piece of entertainment where a bunch of guys sit around and jokingly discuss how they hold a woman's life in their hands? And to boot, Attack the Block did the premise of this entire movie--people of color not calling police because of the racial implications--much better in one scene.
Slavic Boi
Slavic Boi . 2022-05-03 11:38:39
0:43 dude is playing CK III, Byzantine Empire it looks like, what a chad
N & T YouTube World
N & T YouTube World . 2022-05-03 11:02:19
What is that song plz
Syahmi Shuhaidi
Syahmi Shuhaidi . 2022-05-03 11:00:54
sabrinaaa carpenter queen
Ghost . 2022-05-03 10:20:05
1:00 That part 😂😂😂
Blaze14ZX . 2022-05-03 10:13:46
This looks good and that group NOPE had me on the floor. I'm gonna try and see this in the theater.
Alejandro Bogado
Alejandro Bogado . 2022-05-03 09:48:44

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