Montana Story

Introduction :

Director: David Siegel, Scott McGehee
Producer(s): David Siegel, Jennifer Roth, Scott McGehee
Cast: Haley Lu Richardson, Owen Teague, Gilbert Owuor
Writer(s): Scott McGehee, David Siegel


Two estranged siblings return home to the sprawling ranch they once knew and loved, confronting a deep and bitter family legacy against a mythic American backdrop. The fates of their ailing, unscrupulous father and a beloved old horse hang in the balance.

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This movie has 19 Comments
paige julianne
paige julianne . 2022-05-14 07:59:33
came here because kevin morby scored this movie 🤍✨
judy Radin
judy Radin . 2022-05-12 17:26:26
This the most confusing trailer ever
Wren . 2022-05-12 12:00:22
Owen Teague is a fantastic young actor that not many people know. I actually moderate a tiny subreddit dedicated to him. lol. Everyone will know his name one day -- just you wait.
Joseph Lalrinhlua
Joseph Lalrinhlua . 2022-05-10 00:57:23
Multiverse of Madness ended this movie with ease.
Devin Rush
Devin Rush . 2022-05-06 18:02:38
These shots are gorgeous! Really love how they use the background to convey strong emotion.
Moviesan69 . 2022-05-04 07:58:34
What the fuck is happening
Adrian McMillan
Adrian McMillan . 2022-05-03 22:57:59
This looks sensational!!!
JustNickdj . 2022-05-03 20:28:23
Great trailer can’t wait to see it on a big screen. I was wondering what song is in the trailer? The voice sounds like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
The Ultra Warrior
The Ultra Warrior . 2022-05-01 12:20:17
One likes her bushy eyebrows; southern European/Slavic-like.Be blessed, sister in spirit
Quball Productions
Quball Productions . 2022-04-26 16:12:02
Almost a million views and only 12 comments? Weird. I was 100% moved by this trailer. Look forward to seeing this
Patrice Silva
Patrice Silva . 2022-04-23 17:34:12
When how can I see this
Aspret 315
Aspret 315 . 2022-04-21 14:40:55
Cant wait for this.
Samantha Limon
Samantha Limon . 2022-04-20 14:34:37
I have no idea what this is about
funwithFred . 2022-04-20 06:48:51
I can't wait to see this film for so many reasons!
Ghostface . 2022-04-19 22:56:12
Haley Lu Richardson is a remarkable actress
ants humor
ants humor . 2022-04-19 22:44:10
Bigger things are yet to come for this her name is 'Haley Lu Richardson'
archangelgtg . 2022-04-19 21:20:46
finally a good looking movie set in montana. so excited
Jose Arrocha
Jose Arrocha . 2022-04-19 10:15:36
Anyone know the song in this trailer?
Cheryl Savala
Cheryl Savala . 2022-04-19 09:41:44
What a beautiful trailer! It gave me goosebumps and I instantly teared up.

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