The Metropolitan Opera: Lucia Di Lammermoor

Introduction :

Director: Piero Ballerini
Studio: The Metropolitan Opera
Cast: Nelly Corradi, Afro Poli, Mario Filippeschi, Italo Tajo, Aldo Ferracuti, Loretta Di Lelio, Adelio Zagonara


Soprano Nadine Sierra takes on one of the repertory's most formidable and storied roles, the haunted heroine of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor, in an electrifying new staging by Australian theater and film director Simon Stone, conducted by Riccardo Frizza. Tenor Javier Camarena adds to the bel canto fireworks as Lucia's beloved, Edgardo, with baritone Artur Rucinski as her overbearing brother, Enrico, and bass Matthew Rose as her tutor, Raimondo.

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JJ Lungdoc
JJ Lungdoc . 2022-05-20 18:10:29
Instead of Lucia this is “Lucy meets the narcos”. Everything seems to be done in poor taste. Kudos to the singers for a great vocal performance. I only wished they had walked out in the rehearsal period when they were asked to put up with the latest Gelb’s folly. How long does anybody really think this production is going to last?
张麟妍 . 2022-05-15 19:48:41
where can we see the whole?
KmwAmg . 2022-05-14 11:08:05
What a mess '
ROSY 33 . 2022-05-02 15:08:52
Quelle horreur cette mise en scène, vous nous avez habitué à beaucoup mieux !!! 🤮🤮🤮
Yacov LK
Yacov LK . 2022-05-06 08:57:33
The Met had lost all prestige after not allowing certain people to perform.
Cornelius Bates
Cornelius Bates . 2022-05-04 20:03:29
I am so glad they are retelling these operas in contemporary. Kudos for moving the genre forward
scataplaft . 2022-05-03 13:52:08
The STYLE is so messed up nowadays that I believe a whole new (and inferior) genre has been created and people still insist in calling it opera.I'm not sure if we should really explain what is style and why we shouldn't adapt a Chopin piece to be played in a harpsichord, for example. Or why Cardi B singing Led Zeppelin could NOT be called metal rock. Lol. The public wants the work of the composer, not the ego of the director. When will you understand and accept that?!Instead of "deconstruct" everything, how about writing NEW (woke and full of political statements lol) operas and CONSTRUCT something. You think what you're doing is creative but it's not. It's cliché and kitsch. You're artistically bankrupted. Sad days.
Hal . 2022-05-02 23:26:08
I just saw this tonight. I figured it would be either compelling or ridiculous. I'm happy to report it was compelling.
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thomas . 2022-05-02 19:20:55
Матерь Божья...
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold . 2022-05-02 19:19:11
I love this trailer, it's very well made, and I look forward to seeing the whole show.
john haney
john haney . 2022-05-02 16:47:47
Why must opera goers watch the same production hundreds of times? What is wrong with something new? This is amazing.
Cool Cache
Cool Cache . 2022-05-02 15:19:05
Carisma Schwab
Carisma Schwab . 2022-05-02 15:02:53
Bloody interesting

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