Billie Eilish U?vеils ‘Hard & Soft’ Midriff Tаttoo in Alluri?g U?derwear S?apshot, Expa?ds Her Ink Collection

Billie Eilish gave followers a fresh look at her midriff tattoo with a snapshot shared to her Instagram Stories on Thursday. 

Billie previously showed a glimpse of the ink in December 2023 at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch, where she wore a blue satin Dodgers bomber jacket that gave a peek at her stomach

The 22-year-old singer, known for hits like “Ocean Eyes,” posted a close-up photo of herself reclining on her side in gray underwear, with her black t-shirt rolled up to revеal the writing on her stomach and hip. 

She also has a darling inking of three fairies on her hand which she called her 'favorite'

The image offered a new perspective of the tattoo, featuring the words “Hard & Soft” in cursive. This unveiling follows a previous glimpse of the ink in December 2023 at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch, where she sported a blue satin Dodgers bombеr jacket, providing a peek at her stomach.

Billie Eilish, 22, offered a new glimpse at her midriff cursive tattoo which spells out 'Hard & Soft', as she shared a snap in her underwear to her Instagram Stories on Thursday

Continuing to expand her tattoo collection, Billie now boasts a total of five tattoos that she’s shared with the public, including a sizable back tattoo. In October, she surprised fans with a sneak peek of her massive new back tattoo on Instagram, sparking curiosity and speculation among her 110 million followers. The striking picture revealed the Grammy-winning superstar lying on her stomach, showcasing the fresh ink extending from the nape of her neck to beyond the small of her back.

At that time only the first part of the ink was visible

Among her visible tattoos are one on her chest displaying her last nаmе, a dragon winding up her thigh and hip, first unveiled in a 2021 photoshoot for British Vogue, and a set of fairies on her hand, dubbed her ‘favorite.’ In June of the previous year, Billie revealed her lower chest tattoo, previously kept hidden, in a rare bikini snapshot shared by her friend Annabel Zimmer.

The singer is continuing to expand her ink collection, and has a total of five tattoos that she's shared with the public ¿ including a massive back tattoo that she showed off in October

Contrary to her earlier claim to Vanity Fair in November 2020 that her tattoo would never be seen, the ink — her surname written across her chest in an ornate, gothic font — is visible in the snapshot. 

On her other hip the singer has a dragon slithering up her thigh, that was first revealed when she posed for British Vogue in 2021

This follows reports by Rolling Stone that she got the tattoo after winning five Grammy Awards in 2020. Her recent Instagram post comes after she astonished fans by adding all 111 million followers to her close friends list, offering them exclusive access to her Instagram Stories.

She previously teased the massive tattoo in September

Beyond her social media engagements, Billie has continued to achieve professional success. Last month, she secured an Oscar at the 96th Academy Awards for Best Original Song with “What Was I Made For?” from the popular Barbie movie. 

Last year Billie showed off her lower chest tattoo for the first time in rare bikini snap - after vowing that fans would 'never' see the intimate inking

This win marks her second Academy Award, making her the youngest person ever to win more than one Oscar, with her brother Finneas as the second youngest. The siblings previously won Best Original Song in 2022 for the James Bond theme tune, “No Time to Diе.

Last month Billie won an Oscar at the 96th Academy Awards. She picked up the Best Original Song Oscar for What Was I Made For? from the smash hit Barbie movie

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