Billie Eilish U𝚗veils Third Studio Album ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’: Releаse Date and мerchandise Detаils Reveаled – ‘Can’t Wait for You to Heаr It!’

Billie Eilish and her older brother Finneas have officially announced the title of her third studio album, “Нit Me Hard and Soft,” set to release on May 17th without any preceding singles.

Billie Eilish and her big brother Finneas officially announced her third studio album was titled Hit Me Hard and Soft, and it will drop May 17 with no preceding singles

“Writing this feels surreal right now, I’m both nervous and excited,” the 22-year-old pop sensation, boasting a staggering 262 million social media followers, shared on Monday.

The 22-year-old pop star wrote on Monday: 'So crazy to be writing this right now I'm [nervous and excited]. Not doing singles. I wanna give it to you all at once. Finneas and I truly could not be more proud of this album and we absolutely can't wait for you to hear it. Love you'

“We’ve decided against releasing singles. I want to present it to you all at once. Finneas and I are incredibly proud of this album, and we can’t wait for you to experience it. Love you, love you, love you,” she added.

Billie and the 26-year-old musician's posts received congratulatory comments from Black Mirror actor Aaron Paul, reality star-DJ Paris Hilton, and Friday hitmaker Rebecca Black

The 26-year-old musician echoed the sentiment in his own post, expressing, “I adore this album and feel immensely grateful to have collaborated with Billie. We’re thrilled it’s almost yours.”

Eilish was not happy Rolling Stone leaked the titles of all 10 tracks, posting (then deleting) Instastories captioned: 'F*** Rolling Stone' and 'F*** you guys @Rolling Stone'

Both Billie and Finneas received congratulatory messages from various celebrities including Aaron Paul, Paris Hilton, and Rebecca Black.

Hit Me Hard and Soft - available in digital, CD, vinyl, and cassette formats - will feature 'genre-bending, trend-defying' songs named Skinny, Chihiro, The Greatest, and L'amour de ma vie

However, Eilish expressed her frustration when Rolling Stone leaked the titles of all 10 tracks, briefly sharing (then deleting) Instastories with captions expressing her frustration.

The watery cover image and accompanying 18-second video teaser was shot by underwater photographer William Drumm

“Нit Me Hard and Soft” will be available in digital, CD, vinyl, and cassette forмats, featuring “genre-bending, trend-defying” tracks with titles such as Skinny, Chihiro, The Greatest, and L’amour de мa vie.

It featured a hand grasping the nine-time Grammy winner in a pool

The album’s watery cover image and accompanying 18-second teaser video, featuring a hand grasping the nine-time Grammy winner in a pool, were captured by underwater photographer William Drumm.

Eilish's new record promises to 'hit you hard and soft both lyrically and sonically' and 'journeys through a vast and expansive audio landscape, immersing listeners into a full spectrum of emotions' (pictured January 2)

Eilish has also launched a new line of merchandise, including T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, a poster, shoelaces, and a necklace.

Billie has also released a line of new merchandise including two T-shirts, two hoodies, a tank top, a poster, shoelaces, and a necklace

The album promises to deliver a blend of emotional impact both lyrically and sonically, taking listeners on a journey through a vast and immersive audio landscape.

Last Thursday, the TV singer Instastoried a snap of her 'Hard & Soft' hip tattoo, which fans now realize was her album title

Billie’s new billboards, scattered across various cities, offer teaser lyrics such as “She’s the headlights I’m the deer,” “I try to live in black and white,” and “Did I cross the line?”

Eilish and Finneas (last name O'Connell) recently won two Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award (pictured March 10) for their whispery track What Was I Made For? off of the Barbie sountrack

Last Thursday, Billie shared an Instastory of her “Hard & Soft” hip tattoo, revealing it as the album title, which she had initially showcased while attending the Variety Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles last December.

The brother-sister act - who were born and raised in LA's Highland Park - employ their parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O'Connell work as her personal assistant/fan-outreach coordinator and utility player

Billie and Finneas, born and raised in LA’s Highland Park, recently garnered two Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award for their track “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie soundtrack. Their parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, also play integral roles in their professional lives. Maggie serves as her personal assistant and fan-outreach coordinator, while Patrick functions as a utility player.

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