Discover 15 Fascinating Things About Drake’s Son, 10 Similarities to His Dad

Despite his close bond with his curly-haired children, Drake introduced Adonis to the world on March 30, 2020.

Drake Shares 1st Photos of His, Sophie Brussaux's Son Adonis' Face | Us  Weekly

In 2018, fans were taken aback when Pusha T exposed Drake for allegedly concealing the existence of his child, a revelation that caught many by surprise. This revelation was particularly unexpected considering Drake’s public image as a Certified Loverboy.

Drake’s son, Adonis Graham, remains a subject of intrigue, with conflicting reports about his birthplace. While some sources suggest he was born in the US, particularly California, there are no official records confirming this. Adonis primarily resides in Europe, though his exact location remains private. Fans have also debated his middle name, with some speculating that Drake referenced it in his song “God’s Plan” by saying, “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry,” leading to assumptions that Adonis’s full name might be Adonis Mahbed Graham.

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