Taylor Swift Solidifies Her Billionaire Status With Impressive Handbag Collection

Taylor Swift has a penchant for classic handbag designs from Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and Prada, each priced at thousands of dollars.

On March 26th, People reported that during a date with her boyfriend Travis Kelce in Malibu, Taylor Swift wore a simple knit top paired with a pleated skirt, accentuated by the sleek Crossbody Joseph Duclos Diane bag, crafted from premium calf leather, priced at $6,100.

The Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Supple offers a more comfortable size and color options compared to previous lines. Taylor Swift favors the signature cognac version, pairing it with an oversized jacket inspired by menswear and a green knit dress for the winter of 2023. This bag is listed online for $2,650.

The Louis Vuitton Camera Box, a camera bag featuring a distinctive S-lock, metal corners, and rivets reminiscent of the iconic Petite Malle with a fresh yet classic and modern design, is a favorite accessory for the singer whenever she hits the streets. Not only Swift, but many Hollywood beauties also adore this petite bag priced at over $3,400.

Manufactured by the Italian brand Roger Vivier, the Viv’ Choc is a 100% handmade product with a timeless style. Designed in purple leather with elegant lines, it is Swift’s preferred choice when paired with Balenciaga outfits. The singer spent over $1,300 to own this bag.The Kendrick box bag, although not excessively expensive, carries significant meaning under the creative hands of Brandon Blackwood, a designer and artist in New York who advocates against racial discrimination through his handbags. That’s why Blank Space singer chose this item for a night out in New York.As the owner of The Eras Tour, Swift loves Aupen Nirvana’s line of bags for their durable and animal-friendly materials. She effortlessly mixes and matches the unique asymmetric bag with a Versace bustier top and high-waisted pants during a date with an NFL star.

The Prada Executive Tote priced at $2,430 (left) and the classic Max Mara J (right) bag priced at $1,290 are two of the many luxury bags the singer frequently uses.

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